Chassis Dyno Information

Dynojet Chassis Dyno

Dynojet utilizes the latest in dynamometer technology with a DynoJet 224XLC. Our in-ground chassis dynamometer features 24" knurled, precision balanced drums. The large drum diameters provide a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary slippage and tire deformation. The Eddy Current Load Absorption unit allows us the ability to perform a variety of load tests including step, sweep, and loaded roll-on tests with the results being precise and repeatable. The 224xlc is rated at 2000 hp and 200 mph.  So whether for research and development, testing before the track, or just simple ECU tuning, our dyno is at the top of its class to best suit your vehicle’s needs.

Dyno Features
- Wideband air/fuel ratio
- Wireless OBD2 data streaming
 (any parameter can be added to dyno graph)
- Real-time power output readings at steady or changing speeds,   allowing evaluation of the changes being made to the engine’s 
 fuel or timing maps

Base Line Rate: $100
- 3 pulls included
- Air/fuel, OBD2, boost, etc can all be monitored
- Includes printouts and digital files (.jpg) if requested

Hourly Rate: $125
- Unlimited pulls (tuning not included)
- Air/fuel, OBD2, boost, etc can all be monitored

Group Rates for ½ Days and Full Dyno days 
- 1-5 Vehicles= $80/Vehicle
- 6-10 Vehicles= $60/Vehicle
- 11+ Vehicles= $40/Vehicle
- 11+ vehicle days include food and drinks
- Includes dyno time, air/fuel, and color printouts
- Please call for more details 702-476-2750 

Sullivan inc. Tuning

For 1998-2010 GM-based cars and trucks
(GMC, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, Hummer)
We use the latest in EFILive, and HP Tuners software to tune any aspect of your engine and transmission computers. Whether your vehicle has simple bolt-ons, a cam or cylinder head change, or a full forced induction package, we can tune your vehicle accordingly. Even stock vehicles can benefit from custom programming to help you get a little extra horsepower, better fuel mileage, or even just better transmission shift points and firmness. LT1 tuning is available if the owner supplies his or her connection cable.

Sullivan inc. offers the following GM tunes
- Mass Air Systems (N/A or Forced Induction)
- Speed Density Systems (N/A or Forced Induction)
- Custom Operating Systems (for applicable computers only)
- Automatic Transmission Calibrations 
 (4-speed and 6-speed Automatics)

Stand-Alone System ECU and TCU Systems
No matter the horsepower level or injector size, Sullivan GM Performance takes pride in getting stand-alone equipped cars and trucks to run as if they were still stock. We pay close attention to the details: cold starts, hot starts, timing maps, VE tables, shift points, and more. Tuning available for pump gas, race fuel, and even E85. Supported aftermarket ECU’s include:

- Big Stuff 3
-- TCI

GM Tuning: $100/hour
- $475 minimum for initial vehicle tuning session
- $100/hour after minimum has been reached
- Includes dyno time, street testing and color printouts

Stand-Alone Tuning: $100/hour
- Most makes and models, import and domestic
- 5 hour minimum for initial vehicle tuning session
- Later date, same-vehicle tunes only $90/hour
- Street testing, and color printouts  - Includes dyno time,