Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dan's Z06 Goes Under The Knife!!

Dan brought in his 2003 Z06 a few weeks ago for a check up and issue with his pcv system.  We advised Dan to order a catch can and to bring the car back so we could install it and properly hook up his pcv system.  After correcting the previous pcv issues and correctly installing his new catch can we made a run on the dyno to test the new pcv system and make sure everything was working correctly.  On the second run on the chassis dyno the engine blew the engine oil dip stick out as it was previously doing.  Seeing this we new the car had an underling issue.  So we did a compression test and found three cylinders on the drives side bank that were low on compression.  The worst of which was the number seven cylinder that was down to a mere 98lb of compression.
After going through all of the possible options for rebuilding or replacing Dan's wounded engine he decided to upgrade to GM's LSX 376. This is a General Motors Performance Parts crate engine that has a 9.1:1 compression ratio that is ideal for Dan's Procharged Z06.  

The New Engine Arrives
Fresh out of the Crate