Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rich Adds a FAST 102

Rich's car has never been a "Dyno Queen."  From the beginning is has been down on power.  The first time it hit the rollers in 2008 it made a rather weak 417rwhp.  For a Z06 this is really sad since a stock Z06 will make between 435-450rhwp on average.  We added a one of our Z06 camshafts, pushrods, valve springs, Kooks headers, Kooks catted center section, and a Corsa finishes it off.  Until today Rich's
Z06 only put down 496hp and 473tq.  These are the numbers we usually see from a Z06 with bolt-ons.  The crazy part is on the street Rich would beat everyone he raced including a ZR1 from a roll!!  I guess this proves that dyno numbers are not everything.  Today we added a FAST 102 intake and made some nice gains.