Thursday, February 2, 2012

Justin's G8 + Some ZL1

Justin came to us a couple of months after purchasing his 2008 G8.  It was already a quite stout build with headers, exhaust, oh and a P1SC Procharger.  We changed out the factory 8psi pulley for a 10psi pulley and adjusted the tune.  What happened next was the dreaded words no one likes to hear "you're out of fuel."  up in the upper part of the rpm band the fuel pump could not keep up and the fuel pressure would fall fast.  Now an easy fix for this would be to add a boost-a-pump, but that would hinder future mods and more horsepower.  That I believe should be a punishable crime against a car.  We had been doing some testing with the new ZL1 fuel pump from the up and coming ZL1 Camaro, and decided to give it a go.  Well four days later we finished installing the ZL1 pump assembly into Justin's G8 using GM parts and a adapter from Vaporworx.  I must say it's rather impressive.  The best part of it is the whole kit is under $400.00.   I will have more on this soon.  Feel free to contact me for parts and if you have any questions.  Here are some pictures of the build, and the parts breakdown:

GM 19258436 ZL1 Pump
GM 19208723 Camro Fuel Sender
GM 92214170 Fuel Crossover Pipe (in tank)
GM 19257373 Fuel Pump and Fuel Sender Connectors (2 required use only the plastic body)
GM 89017530 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Vaporworx Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

That's how we did it K.I.S.S.....

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