Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fear the Reaper!!

Ken brought us his "Reaper" Camaro to build for him.  He already had a nice base with a set of SLP long tube headers, Hi-flowcats and SLP Powerflo exhaust.  These mods had is Camaro pumping out a respectable 344 rwhp, not bad but "Ken needed more cowbell!!!!" Gold records and horsepower, you just can't make them without a good amount of cowbell. We are adding a nice melody of parts to make this one sing for sure.

GM Ported cylinder heads
Comp Cams Dual valve springs
Texas Speed 231/236 Cam
Comp Cams Pushrods
Roto-Fab CAI
SLP Under drive pulley
DOD Delete
Yank SS2800 Converter
Trans Cooler
Computer tuning