Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wham, Bam, Sam Cam!!

Michael already had a rather stout Camaro in his possession that we built for him a year or so ago.   Most people would be happy with a Camaro SS with a list of mods that include a Procharger, Kooks Headers, Magnaflow Exhaust, Pfadt Suspension, Yank Converter.  Unfortunately really no matter what you build after time the "butt-o-meter" just does not register the same, and what once was amazing is well "ok."  So what do you do to bring back the excitement to a Camaro with an impressive resume like this?  Well put a cam in it of course!  The L99 with the factory VVT/DOD camshaft does not care for the upper part of the rpm band, so we do a DOD delete and add the "Sam Cam."  We will have the results in a couple of days but for now here are some pics of the build.