Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whipping up Some Power

Ryan a resident of AZ contacted me about tuning his 2010 Camaro.  Since he had just added the following mods a tune was definitely in order.

Whipple 2.9L
American Racing Headers
3" Cat Back Exhaust
ZL1 Fuel Pump
FAST 85 lb/hr Injectors.

Quite a lethal combination of parts.  It reminded me of a local nasty Camaro on this blog owned by Aaron.  Car off the trailer and on the dyno Ryan's Camaro put down a stout 542rwhp and 526 rwtq on 91 octane.  While I was tuning the discussion of E85 came up, and me being a fan of the "green" fuel said lets do it while we have the Camaro strapped down on the dyno.  What a great comparison back to back runs on 91 and E85.

 The results speak for themselves:

91 Octane  542 RWHP  526  RWTQ
E85             604 RWHP  561  RWTQ

91 vs E85