Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nothing "Little" about Don's TA Build

Don brought by his super clean low mile 2001 Trans Am a few weeks ago.  I have not seen a TA this clean in a long time, and it's completely stock.  I did not think there was a stock F-Body on the planet!!  What a better place to start then a clean slate.  Well Don is not wasting anytime here is the build list:

RHS 225cc heads
Sam Cam
Comp Cams Push rods
FAST 92mm Intake (the sexy black one)
FAST 92mm Throttle Body
Kooks Stepped 1 3/4 - 1 7/8 Headers
Kooks "True Dual" Header Back Exhaust System
FTP 98mm Lid
Under drive Dampener
Poly Engine Mounts
160* Thermostat
MSD Plug Wires
RX Catch Can
BMR Drive Shaft Loop
BMR Pan Hard Relocation
BMR Pan Hard
McLeod Street Twin Clutch

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