Saturday, January 12, 2013

Glass Half Full

Sometimes when bad things happen there is a cloud with a silver lining.  In this case the silver lining was more  performance.  Joey had his supercharger installed by another shop a few years ago, and until now everything seemed to be fine.  I got a call from Joey informing me that he his Corvette had thrown the supercharger belt.  Since this is also the main drive belt for the engine the car was inop.   When Joey's Corvette the supercharger belt was destroyed and all knotted up behind the pulley on the Procharger.  After unraveling the tangled mess we started to see the carnage.  The supercharger belt tensioner had separated from it's housing letting the belt walk off the pulley and destroy itself.  We also noticed while removing belt debris that the power steering pump was only bolted in with on of the three bolts that mount it to the bracket!!  With the supercharger on the bench we flipped it over to see that the impeller blade had been damaged as well!  So where is the lining?  We sent the Procharger in for inspection and the repair was as much money as upgrading it from a P1SC-1 to a D1SC so this is what we did.  Now all is right in the world and the car is making more power with lower air intake temps!!


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