Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brian's Z06 Saga

Brian brought in his 2003 Z06  for us to dyno it and make some adjustments.   On the chassis dyno the car performed rather well, but while adjusting the tune something just did not add up.  We decided to do a leak down and compression test to see if there were some underling issues.  We ended up finding out that the number 7 cylinder had 28% leak down and the number 3 cylinder had 20% leak down.  So after talking with Brian the decision was made to remove the cylinder heads and get them repaired.  The cylinder heads ended up having 4 bent intake valves and 3 bent exhaust valves.  With the heads repaired with a new set of valves we went to reinstall them on the car and found that there was only .020 piston to valve clearance.  Since this will never work we went over some options with Brian and he decided to have is engine rebulit by Rick at HBR Competition Engines with Callies forged connecting rods and Weisco forged pistons.

Short Block Back from HBR 

Engine Re-United with "K" Member

Ready For Install

Back Together and on the Chassis Dyno

Brian's 2003 C5 Z06 came out really nice!  We look forward to really putting the screws to her after a couple of fuel system upgrades.  Below are some of Brian's Dyno graphs:  Enjoy!!!

Brian 100 Shot

Brian 125 Shot

Brian 150 Shot

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