Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TJ's 2010 Camaro SS Gets Boosted !!!

The Begining 
TJ and I have been discussing adding the Prochager supercharger system to his Camaro since we installed one of our custom camshafts a few months ago.  Last week we put together a package to take TJ's Camaro to a whole new level of performance.  We will be adding a Procharger D1SC supercharger, FAST 85lb injectors, Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, McLeod Street Twin Clutch, and finishing it off with Hurst Shifter.  This Camaro is going to be a monster!!

Tear Down Begins
Underhood Work Starts

Supercharger Install Starts
Intercooler Installed
Supercharger Installed
Street Twin RXT Installed
Shifter Installed w/Black Knob

Hurst Shifter Installed 

Now that the build is complete it's time to strap Tj's Camaro SS to the chassis dyno and start working out the tune.  Tuning went really well, and once again the LS3 really shines under boost.  Tj's Camaro came in making a stout 428 rwhp and 391 rwtq.  Now with she is pumping out an insane 650 rwhp and 554 rwtq!!!!
Check out the before and after runs on the graph below! : )

TJ Before and After!!!