Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brandon's Build

Brandon came to us in November of 2010 to have his old engine's short block removed from his 2003 C5 Z06.  After going over all of his options Brandon decided to have LME, (Late Model Engines) in Texas, build him one of their stout 416ci LS3 based engines.  We got everything together and shipped it out to LME on the 12th of December 2010.  I received all of the specs from Brian at LME after they had completed the porting of Brandon's new L92/LS3 cylinder heads and started working out the specs for a custom cam for Brandon's C5.  We wanted a camshaft that would be strong naturally aspirated but really shine when Brandon put the bottle to her.  I think we nailed it, but only time will tell.  Here is his build:

Empty Engine Bay 
Brandon's C5

The "K" Member after a Good Cleaning

Fresh out of the Crate from LME

Mcleod RXT Street Twin Installed

Engine Reunited with K-Member